PREMIUM AFTERNOON: 5 days per week

From Learning to Living: Transform Your Future with Our German Courses

Learn effective communication with our high-quality Afternoon German language training at EVOLANGUAGE schools. Designed for efficiency, this program offers maximum classroom time, ensuring you receive a comprehensive and immersive experience.


  • Accelerate Your Learning: Our innovative approach caters to various language competencies, propelling you towards fluency in no time.
  • Expert Instruction: Learn from knowledgeable German language tutors who bring expertise and passion to every lesson.
  • Comprehensive Preparation: Whether you're planning to live, study, or work in Germany, our course equips you with the language skills needed for success.
  • Unmatched Efficiency: With our PREMIUM Afternoon Intensive course, you'll achieve remarkable progress in a short period of time.


    • Monday-Friday 16.00-18.00
    • All levels: A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2
    • 1 whole Language Level CEFR = 5 weeks
    • Class size: ⌀ 8-12 participants
    • Course material: 30€ per Level
    • Course start: Mondays
    • 📆 To enroll in our courses, inquire about the start date.
    €380 €550