"CLASSIC" COURSE - 4 days per week

Designed to give you the confidence to communicate effectively in real-life situations.

This German language course offers a comprehensive instructional program, emphasizing verbal, auditory, reading, and writing proficiencies, while incorporating essential grammar, lexicon, enunciation, slang and conversational language knowledge.

  • All levels: A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2
  • 1 whole Language Level CEFR = 5-6 weeks
  • 4 days per week: Monday-Thursday 9.00-12.00
  • Class size: ⌀ 8-12 participants
  • Course start: Mondays (inquire about the start date for your course level)
  • Course material: 30€ per Level

ℹ️ To Register, please choose the location, start date and your course level.