C1 Medical German Mastery for Doctors through Dynamic Online Learning

Elevate your German language skills to the C1 level with our specialized online courses tailored for medical professionals. Whether you prefer intensive morning sessions or convenient evening classes, our comprehensive program is designed to prepare doctors specifically for C1 Medical German proficiency. Join our expert-led classes, sharpen your language abilities, and confidently excel in the challenging C1 medical German & FSP examination. Your journey to linguistic excellence begins here. Enroll now for a transformative learning experience!


  • C1 telc Exam preparation: 4 weeks - 80 units - Monday to Friday 9.00-12.00
  • Medical German course: 8 weeks - 80 units -  Monday to Friday 12.30.-14.00


  • C1 telc Exam preparation: 10 weeks - 80 units - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 18.30-20.30
  • Medical German course: 8 weeks - 80 units - Monday to Friday 12.30.-14.00
    • 100% teacher-led course via zoom
    • From Level B2
    • ⌀ 8-12 students
    • Course material: 90 € included
    • 21 years of Experience
    • 34.000 students yearly 

📆 To enroll in any of our courses, kindly inquire about the upcoming start date.

  1. Tailored for Medical Professionals: Our C1 Online German Course is meticulously crafted to meet the unique language needs of doctors. You'll focus on medical terminology, scenarios, and communication skills essential for your professional success.

  2. Flexible Schedule Options: We understand the demands of your busy schedule. Choose between intensive morning or evening classes, allowing you to seamlessly integrate language learning into your routine without compromising your professional commitments.

  3. Expert Instructors: Learn from qualified instructors who specialize in teaching German to medical professionals. Our educators bring a wealth of experience to the virtual classroom, ensuring you receive top-notch guidance and support throughout your language journey.

  4. Interactive Learning Environment: Engage in dynamic, interactive sessions that go beyond traditional learning methods. Our online platform fosters collaboration, real-life medical scenarios, and practical application of language skills, providing a holistic learning experience.

  5. C1 Exam Readiness: Prepare with confidence for the C1 level examination in Medical German. Our course is structured to equip you with the language proficiency required to excel in the exam, ensuring you meet the highest standards in medical communication.

  6. Personalized Feedback and Support: Benefit from personalized feedback and ongoing support from our instructors. We prioritize your individual progress, addressing specific areas for improvement and guiding you towards linguistic mastery.

  7. Convenient Online Learning: Access your coursework from anywhere with our user-friendly online platform. Enjoy the convenience of virtual learning, allowing you to progress at your own pace while still receiving the benefits of a structured and guided curriculum.

  8. Proven Track Record: Join a course with a proven track record of success. Our past participants have achieved remarkable results, attaining the language proficiency necessary for effective communication in medical settings.

Choose our C1 Online German Course designed for doctors, and embark on a learning journey that not only enhances your language skills but also propels your medical career to new heights. Enroll today for a transformative educational experience.

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