On our courses, we aim to help you reach your language skills in the shortest possible time.
The conversation course is designed to take your interests and needs into consideration whilst also helping you to improve both fluency and accuracy when using Spanish.  
We offer classes for all levels. 
Right from lesson one you get to interact with native speakers and use the speech that’s relevant to everyday life. 
Spanish Conversation Course
  • 3-Months Training: Online Course with 12 conversation lessons.
  • Free Level Test .
  • Talk, Talk, Talk & get corrections. 
  • 100% Top Native-Speaker teacher team for quality training in spoken Spanish.
  • Lessons worldwide online.
  • 12 weeks - 99€
Short, regular sessions over a set period of time (12 weeks) appear to result in optimum impact. 
Our teachers implement the communicative approach into their lesson structure, meaning that all lessons are based on making sure that our students communicate effectively in various environments.
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Our aim is to ensure that you enjoy your conversation course, and leave knowing and feeling that you have improved your level and language skills.
At the end of the conversation courses participants find themselves armed with confidence, freedom, and more opportunities.
Connect with new people
Enjoy traveling or living in Spain
Better job opportunities 
Keep your mind sharp
Ready to immerse yourself into Spanish? Enroll now!
  • Beginner: 12 weeks - Monday 19:00-19:45 - 12 appointments - 99€
  • Intermediate: 12 weeks - Monday 19:00-19:45 - 12 appointments - 99€
  • Advanced: 12 weeks - Monday 19:00-19:45 - 12 appointments - 99€