Successful conversation in everyday situations - Speak real German

Learn What to Say and How to Tell Anyone Anything.

A "kit" to "survive" in the German everyday conversation. It will help you to understand and speak German: greetings, farewells, questions in different situations, understand orders and instructions, excuses, asking for help, asking for permission, asking for a school thing, giving opinion & important sentences.

This small talk kit will show you how to learn German for daily life in five very common situations. You will get tools to help you master these everyday German conversations.

You will start with typical German Greetings for Daily Life

German greetings help you confidently introduce yourself to German speakers and make new friends. Therefore, greetings are not just an important part of daily German, but also your ticket to many other everyday German conversations.

The easiest way to learn German for everyday situations quickly.

Master Your Conversation in German. Finally feel free in everyday Conversation.