Elementary Language Use 

A1 Beginner:

Intensive course: A1.1+A1.2 = 4 weeks


I can understand simple sentences related to myself, my family, or specific things nearby.


I can understand individual familiar names and words and very simple sentences e.g., on signs or in catalogs.

Linguistic interaction

I am able to use simple phrases to describe familiar people and I can describe where I live.


I am able to write short messages, e.g. postcards.

I can fill in own information on forms (name, address, nationality, etc.).


Possible Language certificates: Evolanguage, Goethe, telc, ÖSD

Teaching topics:  greetings, numbers, celebrations, time, appointment, illness, family, daily routine, free time, clothes, shopping, home, traveling

Grammar: nouns, pronouns, (modal) verbs, imperative, adjectives, articles, case: noun, dative, accusative, tenses: Pres., Perf., Pret. (to be, to have), preposition.


A2 - Basic Knowledge

Intensive course: A2.1+A2.2 = 4 weeks



I understand simple sentences and common words when dealing with everyday topics (e.g., people, shopping, work, family). Also short, clear, simple messages and announcements.



I can read short, simple (everyday) texts and filter the important information (e.g. timetable, brochure, menu) and I understand short personal letters.


Linguistic interaction

I can use simple phrases and sentences to describe everyday events e.g., family, people, job.



I can write short notes and messages and I am able to write very simple personal letters.


Possible Language certificates: Evolanguage, Goethe, DSD I, telc, ÖSD, DTZ, KMK, WiDaF

Teaching topics: travel, transport, housing, weather, climate, culture, sports, fitness, nutrition, state, education, profession, restaurant, hotel, post office

Grammar: subordinate clauses, questions, comparative, superlative, past tense, future tense, reflexive pronouns, verbs with prepositions, prepositions, dative, beginning relative clauses


 Independent Use Of Language 

B1 - Advanced Use Of Language


Intensive course: B1.1+B21.2 = 4-5 weeks


I understand the main points on familiar topics and of news on radio or television.



I can understand texts written in very common everyday and professional language and private letters.


Linguistic Interaction

I can briefly explain and justify own opinions and I am able to tell stories or reproduce the plots of books/movies and describe own reaction to them.



I can write simple connected texts on familiar topics and describe experiences and impressions in personal letters.


Possible Language certificates: Evolanguage, Goethe, DSD I, telc, DTZ, ÖSD, KMK, WiDaF

Teaching topics: friendship, celebrations, invitation, application, society, politics, education, health, environment, training, history

Grammar: subjunctive, passive, participles, genitive, past perfect, preterite, future tense, relative clauses, adjectives, relative pronouns, subordinate clauses, prepositions.



B2 - Independent Use Of Language

Intensive course: B2.1+B2.2 = 4-5 weeks


I understand longer speeches and lectures and follow complex argumentation if the topic is reasonably familiar.

I understand most news, reports and feature films in standard language.



I can understand contemporary literature, articles and reports on current issues in which the author presents his or her own point of view.


Linguistic interaction

I am able to present topics from my own field of interest clearly and in detail.

I can explain my own point of view and show advantages and disadvantages.



I can write clear and detailed texts on topics related to own field of interest.

I can reproduce information and contrast arguments in reports and essays.


Possible Language certificates: Evolanguage, Goethe, TestDaF, DSD II, DSH 1, telc, ÖSD, WiDaF

Teaching topics: confident in everyday life and work - The focus is on training for a linguistically confident use of the German language.

Grammar: consolidation of previous content for confident application in different linguistic contexts.


 Competent Use of Language