Customized German Exam Training Tailored to Your Success

Unlock the path to success with personalized exam preparation. Our highly-qualified instructors are here to guide you towards the specific certificate you require.

Benefits of our German exam training:

  • Acquire strategies and exam insights to boost your success.
  • Hone your fluency and pronunciation for speaking assessments.
  • Exam simulation.
  • Master exam question tasks for every exam section.
  • Expand your vocabulary across various common exam topics.
  • Accelerate your progress with personalized training and valuable feedback.

Our flexible approach ensures that you can prepare for your German language exam on your terms. Study when it suits you, at the frequency and intensity that best aligns with your preferences. Your success, your way!

  • 3 One-to-One lessons - 3 x 45 min - 140€
  • 6 One-to-One lessons - 6 x 45 min - 250€
  • 8 One-to-One lessons - 8 x 45 min - 340€
  • 10 One-to-One lessons - 10 x 45 min - 420€
We can help you to improve all your German language skills and get you on the right path to a successful future. 

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