Feeling stuck learning a language?
You feel like it is an impossible goal?

But there is nothing impossible!

Take a step closer to your dream of studying, working, or living in your preferable country.

Scientists say, any adult can learn a second language within 6 months.
You need to practice, be patient and stay constant. And you need the right teaching method.

Read the tips below which will help you reach proficiency rapidly:
  • learn vocabulary from your surroundings
  • stick notes around your apartment
  • listen to native speakers, radio, tv
  • read children's & comic books
  • look up the grammar rules
  • watch movies with subtitles
  • include the vocabulary in your daily life
  • repeat, repeat, repeat
  • use the language immediately – without fear
  • learn from your mistakes
  • stay constant
  • learn with apps
  • learning through movement
  • use the keyword method with flash cards
  • write a diary
  • cook with the help of videos in the foreign language
  • listen to podcasts
  • read news from around the world
  • read favorite books and magazines
  • tutorial videos on YouTube
  • find a tandem partner
  • speak whenever you can: at the bakery, with your neighbor, in your supermarket
  • make friends in sports/hobby clubs
  • go on a language trip
  • get involved with the country and culture

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