Visa Procedere

We will help you to get a visa for Germany. The visa procedure is very easy.

Please find the options for courses that you can apply a visa with. Please let us know in which of our schools in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Aachen or Mainz you would like to attend.

The visa process at the embassy can take up to 3 months.

1) We need your registration for the PREMIUM intensive “morning” course with 20 lessons per week. You can book the desired course directly from the above provided link.

2) You pay the full course fees and the visa processing fee: The visa application fee is 200€ and includes the Visa Processing fee, the confirmation letter, changing of course dates and the UPS shipping to your house.

The embassy wants to see the receipt of full payment. Here you can pay the visa fee.

3) After the payment of all fees then you will send us a copy of your address and passport.

4) We will send you the original confirmation letter including the receipt for the paid course to your address abroad via UPS courier service.

5) You book international health insurance from the following link: health insurance for international students.

6) You make an appointment at the local German embassy in your country and go there with the confirmation letter, the registration for your health insurance and the receipt for the paid course. You have to bring all documents in original.

7) You need to get a blocked account.

NOTE: To get a visa, you need to pay the course fee in advance because the embassy wants to see the receipt of the full payment.

Also mind the information in the link regarding visa applications below: Important Visa Information